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Steve Horn, Award Winning TV Commercial Director

"Lorraine is great, just great."


Swizz Beatz, Hip Hop Music Producer

“I never settle. Lorraine’s the best!”

Richard Lehman, Director & President of RKL Productions

"Lorraine has worked on over 100 commercials for me, many in film and now HD. In every case her work has been exemplary. Lorraine’s keen eye on set allows me to stay focused on performance, and her experience makes her not only an exceptional make-up artist but an active participant in the entire creative process."

Anthony Tarsitano, Director of Inde Films: ICE  & LOST CAT CORONA

"All around the best Make up and Hair person I've had the pleasure to work with over my 30 years. Lorraine is collaborative and she truly helps bring a Director's vision to life. "


Michael Pearson, Producer of The CLIO Awards

"Make up on this show was so run and gun, that we had to put Lorraine in some strange places just to accommodate the locations we shot in.  She was always ready; Actors were  always ready to be on camera; and we never waited on makeup once!"


Angela Griffith, TV Commercial Producer

“Lorraine Altamura is simply one of the best make up artists I have ever worked with. She embodies everything I look for in a MUA: She is talented, smart, can follow directions, is a team player, can handle both Hi Def and film and is just an overall asset to have on the set.”

Russell Peckham, Director/Cinematographer

"Lorraine is not only one of the best in her craft, she is also proactive on the set and is always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of the shoot from her end. She has a great eye for colors and style and always meets or exceeds my expectations, even on the most demanding beauty close ups. Lorraine is great with the talent and always cheery, pleasant, and has a

positive attitude towards her work and life in general."

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